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Work From Home Moms' Rewards and Challenges

Why are work from home moms or dads becoming the way to go these days?

Let's face it....

Most regular couples these days need two incomes to continue to maintain the lifestyle they've become used to. work from home moms balancing career and baby

Most people who've ever had a child know that there is no right time to have a child as such.

(For the sake of disclaimer however , let's just say there is certainly a wrong time to have a child. Like when you can't even feed yourself, or when you are totally emotionally immature).

What you will likely discover however, is that becoming a parent causes you to grow up real fast!

Part of that personal growth is realizing that your little bundle of joy is your top priority.

Things such as fast and furious career ladder climbing could take a back seat.

Or it simply may not feel as fulfilling if you have to sacrifice your being there for your baby.

This is when you begin to quickly consider a home based business for moms.

('Work from home moms' is what is used here because it is more of the norm in every society really. Everything discussed here however applies just as perfectly for work from home dads)

A-OK Home Based Business For Moms

Suffice it to say that most new moms are already overwhelmed enough with their new job that comes with no manual. work from home mom working from home

So, as it is, being mom should rank up their with top home based business for moms (albeit an unpaid one and,as you eventually find out, grossly under-appreciated, yet you will get incredible fulfillment of your life out of being a mom).

However, reality dictates that you figure out a way to start making money soon enough, if that is indeed the situation you are in.

One great way for work from home moms to start a home based business for moms is to delve into an opportunity to make money online with a credible home based business website building system.

If bringing your passion online doesn't appeal to you, you will find a great review of available home based businesses for moms here.

Pitfalls That Work From Home Moms Must Avoid

  • Overworking yourself to death.

    A baby is already a 24 hour a day job.

    You will likely work just hard (at least in the beginning) as you did when you went to the office. So it doesn't hurt to pay someone to help out a couple of hours a day or so.

  • Plan, plan, plan. Your time that is. Or you will find yourself getting very distracted and e.g. doing dishes when you should have been working.

    home based business mom and daughter picture

  • Must have a separate room as your office. Or if this is not possible, set up a work area and designate as your "office".

    If you let people just "butt in" all the time as you work, they will not respect your home based business and it will seem like you are always just too busy and not being there for them. Let them poke their head in (as they would if you were at your employer's office, and then leave in a short time).

  • As much as possible (especially if you have older kids), have a work schedule so that you leave enough time to spend with the kids. Many times a home based business for moms can create resentment if you seem to always be working. Remember, if you were away from home, they wouldn't see you, but now they see you working all the time

  • If you have a little baby or toddler, just figure out a way to multi-task baby and work. Yelling at your kids when they interrupt mommy is only going to aggravate everyone involved.

  • Get creative with your time. As work from home moms, you can switch your schedule around so that you work at night and sneak in naps during the day time when your kids nap.

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More resources for a home based business for work from home moms!

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