5 Ways To Relieve Stress

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Well, I had to learn to bust this stress that was hitting me from different directions. I didn't pretend it wasn't there, I didn't expect anyone but myself to face it head on.

So, Here are my 5 tips on ways to relieve stress:

1. Glom onto something healthy that you can control- when you're being pummelled from different directions, your world can seem very shaky.

Reality is perception. Our world is our reality, and our reality is our world.

So if everything seems chaotic and out control, we can start to believe our own bullshit - like for example that the sky is falling.

To prevent that, make sure there's something that grounds you that you can control. For me that was exercise.

I had a 90 minute commute each morning (yes, you read that right - I lived in Southern California).

I didn't get back home till well after 7 pm, and on some days, well after 10 pm. So  3 days a week I woke up at 4:30 am so that I could be in the gym at 5 a.m for my strength training class.

I loved it!

Not the waking up part. No, that sucked. What I loved was the feeling right after working out.

Presence is Power!

When I was in the heat of curling that bicep, or doing those pushups, savoring the horrible pleasure of a muscle driven to its limits, I was completely present!

Nothing else mattered except the feeling in my body.

Working out kept me sane, kept me grounded. I felt good, powerful.

Maybe working out won't be thing thing for you. That's fine. For some people, it's meditation, for others it's painting, or even writing.

Whatever it is, it has to be something that is healthy and causes you to be present in your body and soul.

What I'm really saying is that eating two buckets of icecream a night doesn't count, neither does having empty sex.

My second tip on ways to relieve stress?

2. Take 100% responsibility -- My friend Angela who is an NLP specialist causes quite a stir when she suggests to people that a good way to get the results that they want it to take 100% responsibility.

Think about that now. 100% responsibility means there's no room for victim-hood. Period.

What about what the other person did to me, they ask. I can't take responsibility for him cheating on me, or for my teenage child acting like an asshole. And the list goes on.

The thing is, taking 100% responsibility isn't about taking on blame. That's a really important distinction.

Blaming the other person, or yourself for that matter,  is mostly unproductive.

Think about it, what happens when anybody tries to blame you for things they perceive you as having wronged them for? Chances are you just become defensive and then blame them for blaming you.

Why then do we imagine it's any different when we're the ones doing the blaming?

How about blaming the economy, God, the system, Walmart? You know, big monsters that we well know we can do nothing about except feel victmized by.

I want to suggest that taking 100 % responsibility (for how to move forward, not how to stay in the past) is a much more effective strategy for reducing stress.

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