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10 Ways to Manage Stress

Looking for ways to manage stress? You are not alone........

You may have heard some personal development students say: "There is no such thing as stress". Or, "stress is a phantom of our own creation." While these statements are True in a metaphysical sense, the reality of today's life is that people ARE looking for ways to manage stress.

If everything were perfect, we would surely not manufacture stress. We would be perfect at living the Truth that "we create our own reality!". And who would be stupid enough to create stress? But the reality is, people DO create stress; whether that happens knowingly or mindlessly, is a different discussion.

Although stress serves its own dysfunctional purpose, most people are smart enough to realize they do not want to be stressed for too long. They start to value other things more than the stress they've created.

So once you've decided that your stress needs to be calmed down, what do you turn to? How do you bring balance into your otherwise chaotic life?

Here is a list of 10 ways to manage stress for a calmer, happier, joyful, more centered life.

In no particular order:

1. Planning or time management

As the top Personal development teacher Jim Rohn likes to say, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Most things that end up stressing us could have been avoided if we'd carefullly planned our time well in advance. On paper. Mantaining a daily/weekly planner sounds unattractive and mundane, but taking that action can help avoid becoming overwhelmed with workloads.

2. Outsourcing/delegating some tasks.

The 4-hour Work Week author Timothy Ferris puts it best, "what is it costing you financially, emotionally and physically to postpone action? Don't only evaluate the potential downside of action. It is equally as important to measure the atrocious cost of inaction". Perhaps you dislike cleaning and organizing your house. Whenever you procrastinate doing it, you will likely feel "badly" every time you think about it.

What what frivolous things are you spending money on? What could you give up in order to pay somebody to do what you highly dislike doing? Eating out at expensive restaurants? The 50th piece of jewelry? Your 77th pair of shoes? Irrelevant toys? Why fill yourself with self-hatred every time you see your unorganized house, your lawn that needed mowing 2 weeks ago, your bookkeeping that hasn't been touched in 9 months?

3. Eating right

Another incredible one of the top 10 ways to manage stress.Feeding your body right: right food, rightly. Ever notice how cranky certain people can be when they are hungry? This could be due to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar which causes low energy levels and moodiness. Going for long periods without eating can definitely cause certain people to be incredibly irritable. As well, eating the wrong foods, such as too much refined foods, can irritate not only your GI tract, but also your moods.

4. Exercise eg. yoga, running

Most people who exercise regularly will attest to the "high" one experiences after an exercise session. If they fall off their exercise regimen, they can experience stress levels rising. Scientific backing has it that exercising produces endorphins -- brain chemicals that produce overall feelings of euphoria. Exercises such as yoga also help in causing one to calm the mind, focus internally and become centered.

5. Relaxing music

Instead of blasting the TV with incredibly negative news that skew our view of the world and cause us even more irritation, try putting on calming, relaxing music and let it play in the background.

**Next 6-10 ways to manage stress continued here.

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