What is Visualization?

The famed Prosperity teacher Catherine Ponder called visualization "The Imaging Law of Prosperity".

Positive visualizing techniques have been taught as a self improvement success tool for thousands of years.

Personal development teachers have taught us that success is created mentally first.

The mind evolves ideas. Ideas express themselves in thoughts and words.

Thoughts and words inspire action.

Many people stop either at ideas or thoughts and words because they fail to employ a key ingredient necessary in order for the inspiration and action to stay alive: Visualization

A common criticism levelled against the Law of Attraction and The Secret movie is that action is not emphasized as an ingredient for this law to work.

There is a possibility that this criticism stems from a lack of understanding. The Law of Attraction teachers insist that we must create that feeling that is associated with achieving our desired outcome.

That feeling is actually created as a result of active and intense creating through your mind's eye that which you wish to see manifest.

This requires focused, intense, massive and consistent employment of just about all our senses.

Positive thinking is actually intense and deliberate focus. If you work it, you will reward yourself with tremendous desirable results.

To see in our mind's "eye" requires not only seeing, but tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling. The end result is the creation of the actual feeling of being, having or doing the imagined result.

How To Visualize

Extra-ordinary leaders in every field are dubbed visionaries. See a clue here?

Do you think Edison perhaps saw the light bulb in his mind first?

When The Wright Brothers flew "Kitty Hawk" they saw a plane flying in their mind first.

Vincent Van Gogh, when asked how he did his paintings, said, "I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams."

How can you leverage what you have today?

Success teachers the world over have taught us that visualization is always happening on a subconscious level.

If we choose NOT to put in the effort to bring a conscious effort into it, then our imaging will be "whatever works".

And as long as our senses are alive, they are constantly absorbing imagery.

Think of TV commercials, movies, internet, our surroundings, books we read, people we talk to or listen to, background noise of whatever kind etc.

All this is being stored in our subconscious mind and helping form "who we are becoming".

Prosperity teacher Randy Gage is a master at teaching how to apply Spiritual Laws to create health, wealth, and abundance. He teaches that we need to uncover the subconscious "lack" programming we have which is holding us back.

Through the Law of attraction processes such as visualization ,we then replace it with prosperity consciousness to manifest money, health, great relationships, happiness, and strong spiritual harmony.

True prosperity comes from understanding and living by the spiritual laws that govern our world.

Visualization Exercises

What mental images are we programming ourselves with? Are they success oriented?

Here are some tools I recommend that I have used to help in this area.


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