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Visualization Techniques and Exercises

Two incredibly powerful visualization techniques are discussed here.

    1. Movie Script

Law of Attraction author Rhonda Byrne, writes in her recent world-wide bestseller and most talked about book this decade, "The Secret", thus:

    "The reason that visualisation is such a powerful process is because as you create pictures in your mind of seeing yourself with what it is you want, you are generating thoughts and feelings of having it now. Visualization is simply powerfully focused thought in pictures, and it causes equally powerful feelings."

Visualization Exercise

There are certain specific visualization exercises that have been proven over time to produce consistent results.

Remember, subconscious programming doesn't judge or analyze. The conscious mind analyzes.

Writing Your Movie Script

This visualization technique entails writing an actual movie script of your life.

Pick an event that you desire to manifest eg the love of your life proposes to you, your job promotion, you achieve your goal weight etc.

Write a movie script of the day it happens. Describe it colorfully and in vivid details. You are writing it as it is happening, NOW, not as if it will happen.

Want to try visualization software?

Mind Movies makes it easy to apply visualization techniques right from your computer. To download visualization software click here now.

Feed as much of your senses as possible. The smell of the morning air, the cool summer breeze, the beautiful sunset over the ocean, the tangy taste of your lemon herbal tea, the booming voice of your boss.

You get the point.

Read Your life movie script how often?

**Read it twice a day, before falling asleep and when you wake up first thing.**

Remember, the more of the senses you involve (engaging emotions) the more effective it will be.

    2. Vision Boards or Dream Boards

Also referred to as dream boards, this is one of the most powerful visualization tools that will amaze you with the inevitable results if done correctly.

Read more about vision boards here.

Why do these Visualization Techniques work so Powerfully?

When you watch a movie, you experience it as if it’s real.

That’s because your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what we call reality and what we call fiction.

So what is programmed into it begins to be its (your) reality.

Lastly, it might help, at least in the beginning, that what you choose to visualize be in your realm of what's believable but not fear-based.

Do not fear to stretch yourself. You can always change it as your consciousness grows.

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