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Vision Boards As a Manifestation Tool

Vision boards as a phenomenal visualization technique that can be used to flood our consciousness with the things/states/situations we are seeking to manifest.

You use them to help with setting intentions and your manifestation process. This has been working for many years, it's really nothing new.

Sometimes you will also see them referred to in these various names:

Dream boards

Poster Boards

Treasure maps

Prosperity boards

Dream wheel

Wheel of Fortune

Prosperity Wheel

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In the last few years vision boards have become a lot more visible, so to speak.

Part of this was that they were popularized after The Secret movie.

For example, one of the Law of Attraction teachers, Lisa Nichols talked about how she used her dream board to manifest being on the Oprah show.

Another one of the interviewees also talked about how he manifested his dream home that had been on his vision board a few years, even though he had all but forgotten about it.

How To Make Your Own Vision Board

To make your own vision board, here is a step by step guide:

Step by Step Instructions

  • Purchase a large poster board. This is the ideal. Most office supply stores will have them.
  • Divide it into pie-chart sections. Each section representing an area of your life you wish to improve or manifest prosperity in. Examples are: Spiritual, Career, Business, Financial, Social, Material, Health, Personal/Spiritual Development, Leisure and Fun, Relationship & Family, etc.
  • Cut out pictures that represent your desired outcomes. Old magazines are a good source for this. Certain websites have images that you can print out and cut out as well.
  • An example of a picture you'd put under love and relationships might be a couple holding hands, or a picture of you and your lover in happy joyful situations. Capture emotion and movement as much as you can.
  • For financial increase, you might choose to use dollar bills. And so on.
  • You will want something you can visualise without resistance.
  • There really are no hard and fast rules as such. Play with it, be creative, and go with your intuition.
  • However, for most people who have used this or other visualization techniques and gotten results, they know one rule for sure applies.
  • Only put things on the dream board that you want to manifest, because you are going to manifest what you put on the treasure map. Right down to the color.
  • It's all just a matter of time really. In other words, apply the old adage, be careful what you wish for, you might get it :)

Some prosperity gurus advice that, to ensure that you manifest your desires in the highest good of all involved, you can put this statement at the bottom of your dream board.

"This or better now comes to me in the highest good of all!".

**Very Important: set your prosperity board where you can see it right before bed and right when you wake up. At least for a while in the beginning you will need to do this to saturate your mind with your images**

Vision Board Software: Make a Vision Board Online

Some software allows you to create a vision board right on your computer.

There are many advantages to this, but most importantly it's not static therefore it gives you the flexibility to easily change things or create more than one board at a time.

It also allows you to get over the tendency to procrastinate that is prevalent with the physical board.

For your vision board software to make a vision board online, I recommend you use the Orange Peel system.

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Read about how famed manifestation teacher Wayne Dyer's, daughter, Serena used this technique to manifest being on the Oprah show.

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