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The Objective is Happiness The Art and Law of Attraction

by by Thomas Wakefield
(Minnesota, USA)

The Objective is Happiness, The Art and Law of Attraction, a book to empower people to create a better life!

Author, Thomas Wakefield has over 30 years experience in communications including radio, television, theater, personal growth and transformational technique. He is one of the originals in NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming. Tom's book The Objective is Happiness was written for people who are not getting enough out of The Secret or Hicks and other such personal transformational books.

The principle we are learning as the law of attraction is spoken by Jesus and written of in the Bible, and other doctrine. It is not new. It has never been a secret. Many writers over many many years have been communicating this "law" under many headings. "The law is so basic it is not even your God given right, it is your God given the way life works!" - Thomas Wakefield

The basic premise of the book is - a powerful force is at work in your life now! This force is infinite power and unlimited resource. And not only is this force freely available, you are putting it to work daily in your life right now. You control it. If you are having thoughts about things and having feelings about those thoughts, you are ether creating or allowing things in your life.

Kind of like gravity, you can not see this "law", it does not care if the object of your attention is good or bad, the law is working. Your results, your life, are the evidence of this law on operation. Why all of us were not taught this principle at home or in school as children is a huge mystery and short-coming of parents and society.

The mission of this book is to empower people with the information to deliberately create success!

Learn more about the author at www.theobjectiveishappiness.com on the about the author page!

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