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Ten Tips for Stress Management

Ten tips for stress management continued here from previous page.

6. Laughter

Comedy shows, movies or funny conversations are a craving for many people. Laughter is our body's built in stress-buster. It has even been documented to lower blood pressure. In his book, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, Sigmund Freud describes laughter as the body's way of safely releasing anxiety, aggression, fear, and anger.

Researchers tell us that laughing decreases stress hormones including adrenaline, cortisol, epinephrine, dopac, and the growth hormone allowing them to return to normal levels. These stress hormones constrict blood vessels causing high blood pressure and heart problems.

7. Massage

Most people do not realize that when we stress out, the stress localizes in certain areas of our body. Next time you feel yourself getting angry, agitated or frustrated, take the time to observe what area of your body is experiencing the sensation. For most of us, its the neck, shoulder, back etc.

Physical stress will also cause certain areas of our bodies to tense up. An outstanding, professional massage therapist will easily identify what areas of your body feel tense and tight. They will then be able to work their magic fingers to help relieve tension in those areas. A good one hour professional massage is a gift I give myself every couple of weeks.

8. Unwind drive/bike away

Another favorable top ten tips for stress management, is to just get away from it all.Many people I know will get in the car and just take a drive down the highway, take a bike ride, or even take a weekend country-drive as a way to de-stress.

9. Meditate

Of the most useful ten tips for stress management, meditation has been shown to be a favorite of those who consistently practice it. Whatever it is that meditation does to the body, only people who meditate regularly can know. You know meditation has become a regular practice when you've been doing it consistently for 4-6 weeks. You miss it when you stop doing it.

Regular meditaion will likely not only leave you feeling exremely happy most of the time, it also helps the creative juices flow with ease. It feels incredibly spiritually nourishing.

10. Time out/Nap/Sleep

And the last of the ten tips for stress management.............Time out! Some self improvement teachers have recommended that you want to always rest before you get tired. Well, most people don't do it, or feel that they can't afford to do it. But what's worse is that most people won't even rest WHEN they are stressed out and tired. They just keep on going. But over time they'll get overwhelmed, burned out and perhaps crush and burn.

Taking a time out can be invaluable; whether that is by taking a nap or a long bath, or reading an enjoyable novel, or just giving oneself a long night of sleep for once. Of course, taking a real vacation is one of the best ways to get rid of our grouchiness.

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