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Effective Stress Management Strategies

Stress management strategies have become a useful friend in today's world of fast and furious media and ultra intense lifestyles.

Since I grew up in the country in Kenya, the word stress didn't exist in my vocabulary.

So when I moved to the US right after college, and went for my first serious job interview, the middle-aged interviewer lowered her thick-rimmed glasses, shot me a gotcha look and asked, "what are some ways in which you manage stress in your life?" I was a bit confused.

But I wanted to look intelligent for this intimidating lady. So I mumbled something like I usually hire an accountant to do it for me. Or at least that's what I think I said. It was an alien question to me. So I must have given an alien answer.

Fast forward to today, I've been living in the famous first world for well over a dozen years, and I have not only become well familiar with how stressful life can be, here I am writing about stress management strategies.

Personal Stress Management Strategies

According to Webster's dictionary, Stress is defined as "forces from the outside world impinging on an individual".

The outside world!!!!

Scientists tell us that stress releases powerful brain chemicals and hormones that help us take action. So then, it must be excess stress, or overload, that is a bad thing.

If you seem to be moving through life so fast you can barely breathe, what is that doing to your level of stress?

Excess stress certainly causes us to feel out of control. That is, if we do not actively engage in to stress-coping methods.

Since multi-tasking seems to be valued as a superior quality, workplace stress has certainly become a force to reckon with.

Many people feel the pressure to outperform not only themselves, but their peers as well. After all, that promotion that has been long overdue could be well dependent on it.

Stress at home such as due relationship problems is perhaps less spoken of but just as potently pressuring to an individual.

Of course, there are literally many, many situations that could arise at one time or another that can leave us feeling especially vulnerable.

From financial difficulties, job loss, unexpected shocking change or event, the list can get long.

Because we are wired to always know when we are not in balance with the core of who we are, most of us have figured that excess stress must be managed.

This is only if happiness and joy is something we are to experience.

For a more healthy lifestyle, there are many methods to help reduce stress.

Relaxation Techniques such as yoga and meditation are simple and can be done right at home.

Many students of self improvement also report regular exercise as an effective method of coping with stress.

You have probably noticed that you or your friends who exercise regularly tend to be quite upbeat.

So how else do you deal with stress?

As a self improvement student, you're more likely interested in stress management information that reflects your highest and best self!

My Top Stress Management Strategies

Music for stress relief


Self hypnosis

Beginner's Yoga for stress Relief



Talking it out

Aromatherapy/baths etc


Relaxing teas


Stress Management Strategies

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