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I'm very happy to continue to research self-improvement tips and make them easily available to you for free.

I enjoy doing this work. It truly is a labor of love. It isn't a paid gig - AND as you can probably tell, I don't use professional writers :)

Nor do I have professional webmasters or web designers helping me, as you can also probably tell :)

This is all just me.

It takes a huge chunk of my time to thoroughly research the material, write, edit, post, perform the technical and admin functions AND respond to your questions.

If you would like to support this site by clicking on the recommended items, the best way to do that is to actually purchase the product recommended. The only way I get paid by the companies whose products you see recommended here is when you actually purchase a product from them.

**Please note that the products cost you the same whether you get to them via our website or directly through the seller**

However, I want to keep the pages on this site as clean as possible. That means I don't want to clutter the pages with tons of advertising and banners.

So, another way to help support the continuation of this work is to send in a donation (any amount is perfect!) by clicking the "donate" button below. The transaction is handled directly by paypal, which makes it easy for you to donate using major credit cards or even echeck.

I fully and completely appreciate all your support for this personal development work.

To donate via paypal, credit card or echeck, click the button below:

Wishing you continued prosperity in your wealth, health and life abundance.


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