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Self Hypnosis and Stress Release

Self hypnosis implies a technique where an individual takes charge and does what a certified hypnotist would ideally do during a hypnosis session.

Definition of hypnosis

Hypnosis occurs when a person gets in a state of mind of complete relaxation. This would mean physically, mentally and emotionally.

However, one is still in a heightened state of awareness and focus. One is therefore open to suggestibility or suggestion, as the mind is not in a reactive resistant mode.

Hypnosis is actually a normal state of mind; but we all know that our minds get so busy that sometimes it can be hard to think straight.

In fact, most of us are in a state of hypnosis only when we are doing such things as watching a show that we are very engrossed in, daydreaming etc.

Hypnosis allows one to tap into these highly focused states of mind, where the mind is highly receptive to suggestions.

Positive suggestions for the self hypnosis process are of course what would applied to help with stress relief.

So why go into the trouble of hypnosis?

How many times a day is your mind running endless errands?

What about constant hard thinking; berating yourself; guilt; worry?

Or ....going through, for the millionth time how your parents did it wrong?

Or ....secretly asking your boss for a pay-raise?

Or ....paying real and imaginary bills?

Or ....comparing yourself to Brooke Shields......you get the drift.

This highly active and unrelaxed state of mind is called the "Beta" state.

This is the analytical, judgmental, rational state of mind.

This is the state of mind where if we reside too long, stress begins to overwhelm us.

So how does self hypnosis help as a stress relief technique?

The level of mind that is relaxed, the Creative level of mind, known as the alpha state is the the one associated with hypnosis. As it suggests, it lets us tap into our creative self more easily.

We are more open and receptive. You may have heard of people that had tried quitting smoking for years, and hypnosis did it for them. Or it could be weight loss. Or getting rid of a phobia.

For NLP practitioners for example, hypnosis is just one of the tools they use to help clients achieve states of heightened awareness.

A common mis-perception surrounding hypnosis is that one will be vulnerable to mind control by a hypnotist. The fact is, you can't actually be hypnotized against your wish. It is not some form of casting a spell or magic.

Many people however may feel that self hypnosis is a workable alternative to using a hypnotist.

In reality though the terms are interchangeable. Even with a hypnotist, you are still engaging in self-hypnosis.

But simply starting with books or CDs could be a good way to get yourself comfortable with the concept.

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