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Self Esteem Affirmations

How can self esteem affirmations help in your daily life?

If you are struggling with low self confidence, it can be surprising how incorporating self esteem affirmations into other methods for building confidence can impact your results.

You may be struggling with issues that others easily take for granted, therefore causing you to be embarrassed or feel alone.

In today's media dominated society, teenage girls are especially vulnerable to developing a poor self image.

But the problem is far and widespread.

Asking for a date, applying for better jobs, career change, asking for pay raise, getting out of a dysfunctional relationship, public speaking-- these are only but a few areas that are impacted by our self esteem.

A few good self esteem affirmations to start with:

  • As I break out of old habits of lack and limitation, my life gets better every day.

  • I deserve whatever good comes my way today.

  • I am happy, successful and fulfilled.

Self Esteem Affirmations for Releasing Fear

Positive affirmations have been reported to work best when repeated several times a day, making sure we put ourselves in the right state of mind.

Here are some affirmations to help release fear for a healthier self esteem.

  • I let go of fear. My positive, faith-filled attitude brings great good quickly to me.

  • I am unafraid. God is my unfailing source and supplies all my needs.

  • I let go of fear and become open to receive. I am open! I am open now! Thank you, God!

  • There is no fear in me. From my spiritual abundance, I give freely and easily knowing God is my Source.
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  • I let God’s gifts flow into my life. I am not afraid to give as generously as I receive.

  • I let go of fear. I give as generously as I receive. Today I give my best!

  • Everything I need is being supplied, and I am at peace.

  • Today I let go of fear. I am prosperous!

  • Without fear, I give to others; I show my appreciation with loving words and generous deeds.

  • I release any feelings of fear of lack. Every moment, every hour, God’s abundance is being showered upon me.

  • I will not take myself or my problems so seriously. I let go of fear of giving and I give generously.

  • A light heart is my most precious asset. I will not take myself or my problems so seriously.

  • As my faith increases, my fear decreases. I forgive myself for all my past mistakes.

  • Worry and fear are of my past and do not linger in my positive, fearless spirit.

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