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Resources for Relationship Advice

"Things do not change; we change." ~ Henry David Thoreau

relationship advice

Relationship advice for outstanding relationships is a key area that personal development enthusiasts are passionate about.

Ultimate relationships include not only romantic relationships, but also, relationship with self, work related relationships, relationships with our peers, relationships in our marriage and family, as well as our extended families.

For many people, a relationship with God (or a 'higher power'), or a spiritual relationship is of paramount importance.

Love and romance relationship advice tend to be the main focus for a lot of people, and understandably so.

As such, the focus here is on guiding us on the personal growth resources available love and romance relationships.

Relationship Tips

I love this Jim Rohn quote: "The Walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy."

What kind of walls have you been building to keep your soulmate from being attracted to you? Dating guide, romance advice, dating secrets will help us figure out how to attract that person that is our dream partner.

Because our 'soulmate' does not come equipped with a manual however, relationship coaching, relationship counselling and other relationship tips come in handy to help us navigate our way through the likely rough terrain of unfamiliar territory.

From Dr. Phil to John Gray to Barbara DeAngelis, relationship help and marriage counselling has never been so 'just right' on our fingertips.

In fact, psychologist Harville Hendricks developed one of the finest relationship concepts out there. The Imago theory which Hendricks thoroughly discusses in his ground breaking book, Getting The Love You Want' has been said to be life altering to some relationships. This resource will help you understand why you attract who you attract, and how to move on from there.

In his powerful DVD program, "The Ultimate Relationship program", self improvement author

Tony Robbins gives us insights into what he calls 'the 7 Master relationship skills and 10 disciplines of love'.

  • Skill 1: Heartfelt Understanding

Discipline 1: put your lover first

  • Skill 2: Give your partner what they really need

Discipline 2: Loving no matter what

  • Skill 3: Create & Build Trust & Respect

Discipline 3: Being yourselfDiscipline 4: Positive IntentDiscipline 5: Freedom-forgiving, forgetting & flooding

  • Skill 4: Reclaim Playfulness, Presence & Passion

Discipline 6: daily intimacyDiscipline 7: polarity

  • Skill 5: Harness Courage & Embrace Honesty

Discipline 8: Loving Truth-vulnerability

  • Skill 6: Uncover & Create Alignment

Discipline 9: power of higher meaningdiscipline 10: gratitude & giving--appreciation

  • Skill 7: Live Consciously, be an example

All 10 disciplines

One thing that is obvious in the quest to have incredible relationships, as in any other self help area, is that we will meet authors and teachers who differ somewhat in their approaches.

No doubt, you will pick a teacher who speaks your language. Maintaining a positive frame of mind as we seek the best relationship advice applicable to us helps us be open to possibilities of tremendous growth.

If John Gray's Mars/Venus approach makes sense to you, work with it. If Barbara DeAngelis' work helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel, put your all into making it work.

One of my favorite authors for relationship sexual advice from spiritual perspective is David Deida.

From some of these teachers and others, you will hear relationship advice based on the concept of masculine and feminine energy. Learning how it applies to relationships might be of great benefit, as it has been embraced by many people seeking balance in relationships.

Relationship Advice

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