Psychoacoustics- The Listening Experience

Psychoacoustics is the study of the perception of sound.

This includes how we listen, our psychological responses to it, and the physiological impact of music and sound on our nervous system.

Psychoacoustics basically dissects the listening experience.

Music is one of those universal stress relief tools.

It is probably also one of the easiest to use and most readily available relaxation tool.

Inspirational music has the ability to transport our senses and calm and relax us within a short time.

Upbeat music will tend to uplift you from gloom and cause you to get moving.

Observe that a fitness class would not feel the same without the energizing music.

When the music is off, it's like the energy dies. Even if the people continue to move.

Motivational gurus such as Tony Robbins use music to effectively keep their audience at the level of excitement that they desire to maintain.

It is quite interesting to note that people who attend personal development seminars will go out of their way to search for the music that played during the event.

So, what is it about music that causes these changes in us?

Understanding acoustics and psychoacoustics, helps us understand the power of music over our mind and body. The Power of sound has been attributed to helping in the healing process by affecting our brainwave pattern.

One of the leading voices in the field of using music as a relaxation too is Andrew Weil.

In his popular audio, Sound Body, Sound Mind, he teamed up with leading Psychoacoustics researcher, Joshua Leeds, to produce an incredible resource for sound healing.

Binaural beat music is commonly used for brain calming effects.