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Parting ways

by Patrick

A woman can share everything: time, money, house, children and belongings, but the one thing she cannot share is her husband. It’s a natural phenomenon and occurs uniformly in all women across the world. God has just made a woman like that. She can endure almost anything, go through the highest degrees of pain, but will not compromise on her husband.

I am a married woman and recently went through a painful divorce. It was painful because letting go of something always is. It was more so because I had known him for over 18 years and he was the only man I had ever known in a relationship. It turned out that he had cheated on me several times, and I was so blinded by him that I never saw it coming.

It was he, who ultimately confessed to me about all his wrong doings, and that only happened because he was extremely drunk that night. He blurted it all out and my world came crashing down. I tried to clutch to the straws but, there wasn’t really any point.

Ultimately, I let go. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make, and one that took its toll on me, physically and emotionally. For weeks after the divorce, I was a different person. Bitter, irritable, anxious and cynical. I literally became a hermit. I didn’t want to go anywhere or meet anyone. My children suffered as much as I did, or probably more.

It took us all a lot of time to spread out our wings again and learn how to fly. We stuck together and drew our strength from each other, but it was a painful process. I am no longer as bitter as I was, but I have lost my trust in people. I don’t trust easily and even when I do, I hold my guard up.

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