Is Online Coaching Your Option?

Considering Online Coaching? Is it your best option?

Without a doubt, the internet has revolutionized just about every area of our lives. Online coaching has become quite the option for some people.

Although most life coaches will work with you either over the phone or in person, some coaches specialize in just online coaching. That means you communicate mainly via email.

Online chat is now easy with Skype, or Yahoo messenger or any other of the chat software. Your online chat may opt for such options as they still allow you to have instantaneous interaction.

For people with coaching needs that do not require a lot of live interaction with a coach, online coaching may be the best option for them. It also may cost you a fraction of what a live over the phone coach might charge.

Online coaching may be ideal if you are looking for lcoaching in such areas as:

  • setting your goals
  • strategizing
  • career guidance
  • motivational guidance

    Although this form of coaching has come under some criticism, the fact remains that it provides an option for people who would rather not be talking on the phone to anybody. Because we love convenience and options, online coaching has thrived.

    Online Forums

    Another form of online coaching which is not formal coaching is: online forums. Just about any subject you can think about will have an online forum where people with a huge interest can discuss, share ideas and give advice.

    A huge advantage with online forums is that, not only is it free in most cases, you get to hear from different people, sometimes even experts in a certain field.

    As you might imagine however, the major drawback with this kind of online coaching is that you are receiving coaching from everybody who has an opinion. It therefore requires a high level of discerning and ability to sort through what feels right for you. Return from Online Coaching to Life Coaching