Motivational and Inspirational Videos

Here, we continue with our collection of motivational and inspirational videos for self improvement.


**Update 4/25/12: I have removed the videos I had here but please check back soon as I'm in the process of creating amazing original inspirational videos and interviews.**


As in our other inspirational videos page, these motivational videos found here are not by us, but are provided as a free service to our valued readers.

So why is it that motivational and inspirational videos seem to have such an impact in our state of mind, or state of being?

The reason could simply be because motivational videos cause us to engage a lot of more of our senses. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well these motivational and inspirational videos are not just pictures, but are moving pictures. Much like when you watch a movie, you tend to step into the action of the story when you are watching pictures in motion. They cause us to engage our imagination without working hard at it.

Here is one for anyone for "The Crazy Ones". Haven't we all at one time or another felt like we were the crazy one?

And here is another of one of the most incredible motivational and inspirational videos with great quotes.

This series of inspiring videos has great positive quotations that will pump you up and help you set yourself up for an outstanding day!

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