People meditate for a number of reasons: for relaxation, finding and opening your center, self-healing, creative visualization, being connected to your higher self, etc. Meditation can intimidate a lot of people because it requires silencing the chatter in our minds and they may think that this practice takes years to achieve. While this may be true on one hand, on the other, by committing to training our body and mind to focus on a specific intent on a regular basis — basic and simple meditation can easily be learned.

If you ask successful people what is the first thing they do in the morning most will say exercise. Out of the ones that say exercise, a handful will also say meditate. These tend to be the most successful ones out of the bunch. By taking 10-20 minutes to meditate in the morning, you are enabling yourself to clear your mind and be a more productive and efficient human being throughout the day.

A meditative state can be substantially enhanced by gems and crystals especially quartz since they are superconductors of energy. Amplify the energy that you channel through the use of crystals and learn meditation a little bit easier.

Why use crystals in meditation

All crystals have energetic properties in them. Transferred meditating-with-crystalsenergy through crystals can help raise consciousness and awareness when meditating. It can help aid in deepening your understanding of why and how things around us are and bring superior clarity to the mind when practiced on a spiritual level with a spiritual intent.

Using healing crystals is also one of the practices of meditating with crystals as crystals could provide a higher resonance of vibrations that can help in the healing processes. This practice is said to even overcome a phobia by a combination of inner work and clearing the chakras using crystals.

How to meditate with crystals

Now that we have established why crystals are used in meditation, it’s time to find out how we can incorporate it in our meditation rituals.

mindfulness-crystal-meditationSimply hold a crystal or try surrounding yourself with small crystals making sure that there are three or more to circle your meditating spot with. Other ways are meditating with a crystal in each hand, it could be two crystals each hand depending on you. Another way is to sit comfortably and hold your crystal in one hand sitting on your lap and the other empty hand on top of it. Others lay the crystals on their body so that it touches the skin.

A simple daily meditation can be done in a quiet, comfortable space. Sit and close your eyes as you let your mind focus on your affirmations/ intent, while breathing steadily. Imagine your energy, the chakra flowing from your body to the stone and let it overwhelm the senses. Visualize your intention while relaxing your mind. When you’re done, open your eyes and take few deep breaths.

Best Crystals for Meditation

While there is no right or wrong crystals to be used in meditation, knowing each crystal’s intrinsic characteristics can help you tremendously.

Choose crystals that represent what you would like to bring into your meditation. Some consider selecting the right crystals a lot of work, factoring in the color ray of influence, earth power derived from its compound, crystal energy lattice. But the crystal you choose to meditate with can easily representative of your intent.

Some of the calming stones are considered to be blue stones such as aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli and kyanite. These can help clear the mind and calm the body.

Amethyst and fluorite are purple crystals that can help reach a higher state of consciousness. White crystals like quartz crystal and selenite, Himalayan and Tibetan crystals can also serve the same purpose. Quartz crystals are one of the best crystals to be used in meditation because of its ability to be programmed depending on your intent.

Jade can bring serenity, soothe the mind to release negative thoughts. Carnelian clears unwanted thoughts in meditation which helps you focus your mind on a much higher level.

Dumortierite can activate the third eye— this may sound advanced but using it can increase your meditative state by enhancing your mental discipline.