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Make Money Online From Home : The Number One (Not So) Secret Known Only to the Few Who Dared

How can you start to make money online from home?

By paying attention and reading this very very carefully; because you could discover information that you could use to truly change your life.

You probably know that you want to build a home based business website, but are in one of these categories:

  • have no idea how that is done (believe it, you are so not alone)

  • have a fuzzy idea on how it can be done but not very clear on how exactly you make money once you build it

  • you've even built a site before but haven't been able to use it to make money online from home(perhaps because it didn't build ever growing traffic)

  • have tried many things in the past so you are a bit skeptical (good thing, skeptical implies you are still curious)

  • are completely cynical (that is ok too)

Cutting to the chase, there are numerous things out there about how to make money online from home.

However, the home based business website resource reviewed here is the only one of its kind.

Site Build It! (SBI) is a cutting edge home based business website building tool that was started by a fascinating Canadian medical doctor. (Talk about strange bedfellows).

Ken Evoy, who you would have the pleasure to interact with online on the SBI forums, created a tool that would help both the newbies and the seasoned web builders alike.

Evoy must have realized that:

    1. most people who want to make money online from home not have the money to pay expensive web programmers and designers.

    2. most website developers are great at the technical aspect of web building, but they may not necessarily be the best writers. And guess what? The best writers are booked by the top companies who can afford to pay the writers big bucks!

    3. you are the best person that can convey exactly what is in you to your web audience.

    4. he could serve humanity by creating a tremendous tool to help you turn your content home based business website into a money making machine that works for you, even while you sleep. Or as author Tim Ferriss calls it, The 4-hour-Work Week.

What sets SBI apart from everything else out there?

For one, SBI doesn't sell you some package and leave you on your own to fend for yourself.

Site Build It walks with you step by step, from brainstorming your website idea all the way to showing you various ways to monetize it.

Dr. Ken calls this process: C ->T -> P ->M

Content >>>Traffic >>> Presell >>> Monetize

What does that mean?

Simply put, SBI teaches you how to brainstorm your idea to build valuable content (C) (or information). Then you use SBI's tools to actually start putting your home based business website together.

Site Build It then teaches you how to start building traffic (T). Next it's exactly what to do to make sure the traffic keeps growing, month after month.

It's the difference between SBI and the 95% small business websites that fail.

Take a short video tour here to see how this works.

The P is for Preselling. This is what Site Build It teaches you to do in order to ensure you build a warm relationship with your readers, putting them first and not treating them like they are just sales targets. This is powerful: it means you are not just like every other hard-selling, seemingly cold (insert curse word of choice) out there.

The last step is the M for Monetize. After you have got your website up and running, how do you figure out powerful ways to use it to make money online from home?

Do you wonder if you actually have to have a product or ship out anything? These are common concerns and questions. Actually you do not need a product unless it is what you want.

***Final word: Not only do you have a proven tool in your realm of possibilities right now, you will get to be a part of an incredible helpful membership forum of people who love to pay it forward by passing on what they've learned to newer people.

So, unless you like to be a recluse, you won't be alone.

Are you one of those who questions whether there is anyone actually making money online from home as an affiliate?

Wonder no more! Some of the highest earning affiliates on the net today use SBI and have years' worth of tidy secrets! Leverage on their knowledge and experience!

***The Proof is in the Pudding: Examples of Real Home Based Business Websites Created by People Just Like You Using SBI

Are you wondering what real home based business websites have been created by others using SBI? Click here to see a few.

Plus, this website you are reading was also created using Site Build It.

Understand that building a solid, home based business website whose income grows month after month is a lot of work in the beginning. But then if you write about your passion, it won't feel like work.

You do have to be patient as well, as in the beginning you are doing the work without immediate pay. But then again, this is a serious venture to help you make money online from home.

Get rich quick schemes just waste your precious time, money and make a fool out of you in the end.

Take the time now to invest your time, money and energy into SBI; a solid, mature, proven system.

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