Why are Life Coaches a Seeming New Fad?

Life coaches are indeed a new breed that is spreading faster than the people looking for them.

Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins has claimed to be the pioneer of the personal life coaching industry.

That would not be a far-fetched claim for Anthony Robbins, given the fact that a couple decades ago this industry was virtually in-existent.

Somebody had to start it, and whether it is agreed that Tony Robbins actually pioneered it or not, the fact is that now, the practice has become a service offered by most self improvement teachers.

In fact, just about everyone who has an opinion about one thing or another these days seems to feel inclined to become a life coach.

Are Life Coaches Therapists?

Given that this is still a very young field (about 10 years old), there are a lot of blurry lines as to what it is and what it is not.

One thing you need to be clear about however, is that the majority of personal life coaches have not been trained as therapists.

Any person who is not professionally trained as a therapist that posits as a therapist is clearly crossing the line. A therapist counsels you, a coach challenges you.

It needs to be said though that it can be a very fine line between this kind of work and other kinds of advice giving.

As such, most of them who are acting in the client's best interests will let you know what they can and cannot deal with.

The mentors will work with you to help you in areas such as setting goals, determining your life purpose, executing your life goals, pushing through challenges, achieving clarity etc.

How To Find Good Life Coaches

As a client, you must ensure you find somebody that will deliver the results they claim they are capable of delivering.

Because you won't normally know that until after you have had your session, you will need to not only know where to find the right person for the job, but also how to go about determining if they are right for you.

Be aware that most of them will also be assessing you to determine if you're a good fit as a client.

This is someone with whom you may very well develop a very important and perhaps close relationship. They may end up being a trusted confidant.

Do You Know What To Look For?

When you come to that first meeting with the person who will potentially be working with you in whatever area you are looking to change-whether over the phone, email or in person- you need to have a clear set of specific questions you will be asking him or her.

This will help you decide whether to hire them or not.

Remember, most will charge on average $60-100 an hour. Some of them are affiliated with big name companies will charge far more more than that.

Remember you're the client, you're hiring them, so protect yourself accordingly.

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