Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity Tips: The Truth Vs The Fairy Tales

Has a legitimate work from home opportunity evaded your relentless search to the point of exasperation?

Are you tired of reading "make money working from home" testimonials that seem so contrived you don't know what to believe any more?

Maybe you are one of the myriad of people who have burned over and over........

Don't give up.....why?

Because for every jerk (or 2) that took your money and ran away, there is a good person who truly cares about helping people.

  • Truth: An opportunity to make money working from home is not ONLY possible, it's real!

    There are actually good people out there who are not JUST interested in taking your money by promising a "get rich quick" venture.

    Are there people who have started home based businesses online or off-line and made quick money? No doubt..... However, that will likely NOT end up being the case for you.

    So, if you want to know how to spot a legitimate work from home opportunity, NOT a get rich quick scheme, read on.

  • Truth: The biggest reason you are likely to get sucked into Get Rich Quick scams?

    .....because you want to make money working from home like yesterday.

    Yet, that is the very mind-set that scam scum thrive on pouncing upon.

    What about those people who insult you by telling you how they'll teach you to make quick money online? Patience, or lag-time persistence and perseverance are back in fashion as virtues.

    Now, what you are probably thinking is: BUT I know I can be one of those people!

    And that is all good.

    Surely if that is what you Truly believe, it is absolutely possible.

    Meanwhile, it won't hurt to be doing other things that would have a more slow but sure potential.

      Sometimes people need to be knocked down a few times before they can learn, or so it seems.

    Working from home is now becoming a necessity. With most families needing 2 incomes to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they have been accustomed to, work from home moms has become an explosive phenomenon.

    In this and age however, when women's incomes are catching up with their male counterparts, sometimes dad chooses to be the one to give up his away from home job and stay home with the little bundle of joy.

  • Truth: A legitimate work from home opportunity is easier than most people will have you believe.

    Skepticism is a normal human trait that when used in a healthy way protects us from making incredibly stupid mistakes.

    When applied in a dysfunctional way however, it also keeps us from venturing and taking reasonable risks that come with tremendous benefits.

  • Truth: In order to make money working from home, online or offline, it is actually hard work.

    But then again, you have worked hard all your life, but your sweat and tears have been building somebody else' dream business become a reality, right?

    Why would it be expected that building your own dream would take any less work then?

    The luxury you will have over those who continue to slave away for their employer however, is that you can grow your income as fast or as slow as you want.

    You truly can start working the 4 hour work week presented by Tim Ferriss. But you have to put in the hard work in for you upfront. This is why it is absolutely necessary you choose to work on your passion. It will feel so good you won't notice the hours hurtling past.

    Small Home Based Businesses : What Others Are Already Successfully Doing

    1. Turning your passion, (or something you are very good at) into online $$$.

    It's the sweet little secret people who know what you know don't want you to know, and when you find out what it is, you will pray that the skeptics are the ones that don't share your passion, and here's why...

      2. Network Marketing (or as it is commonly referred to, MLM)
    Network Marketing is here to stay. Celebrity billionaire Donald Trump as well as Real Estate & Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) have both hailed Direct Marketing as one of the most brilliant business strategies available today.

      3. The Ebay and Amazon Experience (or other such venture).
    You probably know that the fastest way to earn some money quickly (without getting a second job) is to offload your overflowing garage contents.

    But what happens when after 3 days of standing in 100 degree heat and sick of people haggling over .50 cent mugs, your garage is empty and you still need more extra income? Hmmmmm........

      4. Coaching Business
    Do you like to play a part in helping people succeed? Do you have what it takes to become a life coach?
      5. Getting Creative
    Who knows what's stifled in your heart? Your absolute passion? Only you have the key to unlock it.......

      6. Travel Businesses
    If you love working in travel, this one is a no-brainer. Travel related businesses such as organizing tours, safaris and excursions fit right here.

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