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by Shaun Maddox
(Las Vegas NV)

I remember when I was a teenager and just got my driver’s license and asked my mother to teach me how to drive. Easier said than done because at that time; my parents owned a manual transmission (stick shift) car which required you to be able to shift gears in order to be able to drive.

During our first lessons she taught me the steps necessary to shift gears in order to be able to increase my speed and drive the car. If you have never had the experience of learning how to drive a stick shift, relax and stick to an automatic car because there are better things you can do with your spare time. The first step she taught me was to push the clutch pedal down completely which allowed the car engine to turn freely without the car moving.

Next, I had to shift the gearshift lever into 1st gear. Now, until I got used to doing this properly I would sometimes grind the gears causing an annoying loud noise and vibration. This always reminded me that I still wasn’t doing it properly, but after some practice, it all but disappeared.

Finally I had to take my right foot off the brake and slowly press on the accelerator while simultaneously easing my left foot off the clutch. Doing this would cause the car to start accelerating and moving forward, however if I didn’t do it properly the car would stall out and I would have to start over again. Although I did stall out the car on many occasions, after several weeks of practice, you would have thought I was a professional.

I want to encourage you that while on the road of life you are going to have to know when and how to shift gears so that you can accelerate the goals you have set in your life. On those occasions when you encounter obstacles and setbacks which seem to grind your gears, remember to stay focused on the road ahead.

When you find your life, dreams, and goals have stalled out, just remember to push down on the clutch, shift gears up and get ready to move forward. Remember you can be, do, and have everything and anything in your life but you must first be willing to take action and start shifting gears.

Wishing you all the success in the world!

Shaun Maddox
The Living Success Network

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