5 Tips on How to Reduce Stress

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3. Play or zone out - My sweetheart Pete gets quite stressed out about his job.

He isn't planning to let it go any time soon,so what does he tend to do often? He buries himself into playing video games.

My "zoning out" strtegy is taking long naps if that option is available.

I joke that I don't take naps, I sleep. When I'm stressed out, I can nap for 2 to 3 hours at a time. And you know what? I never beat myself up over it. I love myself through it all.

What about you? What are some zoning out strategies that you can take to let your brain rest?

Some people read, watch comedy, or even watch the Kardashians (now there's a mind numbing activity!)

The Oprah Strategy

Another tip on how to reduce stress?

4. Reach out/talk it out - I've heard Oprah say severally that she believes one of the reasons she has never had to see a shrink is because she talks to her BFF Gayle every single day.

Do you have a BFF like that? No?

A shrink isn't such a bad either, if you have wherewithal to do it.

But these days there are tons of support forums on the internet where you can spill everything to strangers and, for the most part, receive a good amount of sympathy. Sometimes you might even get some useful advice.

Be careful though. Don't over do it. There can be a tendency for some people to always complain and whine and be overly negative.

Most people, even strangers on the internet, tend to not want to spend too much time around a person who seems always down.

If you truly have a problem with depression or some mental issue, best to see a medical professional that's paid to deal with such stuff.

Otherwise most normal people have their limits, and many won't tell you when they're done with you. They'll just tune you out!

Apocalyptic Shock

My last tip on how to reduce stress is perhaps also the most underrated:

5. This too shall pass - have you ever noticed how, when we get hit by some huge misfortune we tend to shock ourselves into an apocalyptic mode?

Oh my gosh the world is ending!

And then the next day, when we've had a few hours of rested sleep, we look back and think, What?!? I can't believe I allowed myself to be so stressed about this!

A few months ago, I logged into my bank account only to find that the State of California (where I lived until 2010) had forced the bank to give them every last amount of money in my account.

California claimed that my exhusband owed them money. And because I still shared that account with my ex-husband (long story) I had no recourse.

I was shell shocked.

Plus, I imagined that since the money they were claiming owed to them was more than what they'd been able to take out, they'd take every last dollar that I deposited from there on.

I drove myself into a frenzy conjuring the worst scenarios possible, most of which ended in me being completely doomed.

The problem is that when we get into this kind of mode, not only does it make us even more stressed out, it prevents us from being able to clearly see solutions.

Our brains become foggy. Our soul shrinks in shame and helplessness.

The truth with my bank situtation was, there were other options right off. For example, I could have changed my bank accounts right away, or used someone else's accounts for payment.

Regardless, I eventually got calm enough to get it sorted with the state.

So, next time something shocking or frustrating or stressful hits your way....remember that "this too shall pass". It always does.

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