How To Attract Your Soulmate

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4. Write a List of the things that matter to you in a partner -- this is your wish list if you will. Some people argue that list writing isn't very sophisticated, or that you're limiting yourself.

But writing a list is not in itself exhaustive.

It's just a way to focus your mind, and to guide you in recognizing these qualities when you see them in people around you.

5. Be crystal clear on what your deal breakers are -- If you have trouble coming up with qualities that you want to see in your outstanding partner, start by writing a list of deal breakers.

In fact, you must be very clear what your deal breakers are.

With almost all the clients I've worked with, the people who continually attract the "wrong" partner are very fuzzy on deal breakers. They don't know what they want, and perhaps more importantly, they don't know what is unacceptable to them.

Be Picky...Why Not?

Some people might see this as trying to be exclusive instead of inclusive, but the thing is, you do have to be exclusive when attracting the partner of your dream. Do you really want to be open to being partnered up with "just anybody"? Deal breakers create authentic standards.

As an example, I'm pretty clear that I would never date someone that smokes cigarettes. I have many smoker friends, but I have a theory that anyone old enough to date me and still smokes probably doesn't share my health values.

Which is fine, but if I partnered with a smoker, I'd probably nag them everyday about quitting. That is no way to accept my partner just as they are. Best I do both of us a favor and let him go find someone more compatible in that area.

6. Powerfully visualize yourself realizing this dream -- This last step is key, and has to be undertaken in order to create the partner of your dream.

There are various tools out there to help you with this process of visualizing your dream partner. One way to do this is to simply go through your mental creation, see it, mold it, feel it, bring it into your energy field (i.e. your thoughts) and release it.

If you're a more visual person, you can also use a vision board.

Another way to draw your partner into your life is through gratitude. Feel gratitude, really allow your body to vibrate with gratitude as you imagine yourself being with the partner of your dreams.

You can spend a few minutes everyday, perhaps at the end of a meditation, or before you fall asleep at night feeling gratitude for your amazing partner.

Feel the gratitude now, as if it is happening now, because it is.

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