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Growing Interest in Self Improvement

The growing interest in self improvement in our society today is certainly not an accidental happening.

A few decades ago, self improvement was basically not as recognized a brand as it is today. This is not to say that personal growth is a new field or that anything new as such has all of a sudden been discovered. In fact, many people still think of personal development enthusiasts as some sort of strange breed. Many a times words as strong as, "cultish" have even been used.

Yet others have accused personal growth teachers as selling "hope in a bottle". Regardless of the criticisms, it seems like the old adage, "you cannot stop an idea whose time has come" is applicable here.

As a personal growth enthusiast who has been engaged in personal development for over 10 years now, the factors contributing to the growing interest in self improvement are obvious.

    1) A general sense of unhappiness and discontent. It is obvious to any keen observer that today's society seems to be filled with people who are admittedly a little too unhappy.

    Spiritual author Eckhart Tolle in his book, A New Earth, describes this phenomenon as a "feeling of discontent that could be described as a kind of background resentment. It may be specific or non-specific".

    What Eckhart Tolle is possibly describing here is the general nagging feeling of emptiness, or as some people put it, "is this all there is?"

    Many people involved in the initial stages of personal development are attracted to self improvement because they start to engage with authors and teachers whose works seem to provide a path to start answering this question.

    2) Because today's personal development teachers have strongly been advocating the concept of sharing personal growth with others, more people are now small self improvement teachers of sorts. This has expanded the reach of self improvement information.

    3) A general awareness with regard to better health,including a need for personal empowerment for emotional health has caused people to alternatives to the traditional ways to better their standards.

    4)Societal Pressure to outperform and be superachievers --There is no denying we live in a society that seems to worship super achievers (usually this is before they have achieved enough to attract just as much hate). Prosperity gurus such as Randy Gage intimate that the majority of people are "sick, broke and stupid" because they resent rich successful people. Surprisingly, most people if asked, would say they want to be rich, or at least have a little more money than they now have.

    So, as much as many people might exhibit a need to detest the rich and successful, they themselves put themselves seem discontent with their finances and other prosperity areas.

    5) Another factor in the growing interest in self improvement is the explosion of the internet and other media that make products and information readily and easily accessible. Tony Robbins for example, is well known for his informercials, which many of his students will attest to being their first exposure to him. As the internet grows, blogs, social networking groups, and the explosive youtube, personal development information is literally always at our fingertips.

Without a doubt, there are justifiably just as many reasons for the growing interest in self improvement as there are people seeking it. The one thing that is clear however, is that our current society is moving toward a consciousness of 'spiritual, physical and emotional' growth that, fortunately has the support it requires to sustain it.

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