Great Relationships Just Don't Happen

by Paulette Christian
(Sun City, AZ USA)

First off I've been married for 26 years to my best friend. We have had our challenges over the years, but we made a decision that our relationship would come first. I guess you could say we are still on the "honeymoon".

We've both enjoyed careers and independence. We've had to work at keeping the relationship fresh, romantic and meaningful. The stresses of life can take away from who you are as a couple. It has to be a priority, and yes you cannot change the other person.

What I found, when the stresses got to me and all I could see were what is wrong with him, I would be still and recognize that:

1. What I disliked about him generally was something that really was about me. Easier to blame him than to fix me.

2. With step one out of the way, then I would focus on all of the reasons why I was grateful to have him in my life. Law of Gratitude and Attraction

3. Would then decide whether or not I wanted to change my own behavior. If not, then it certainly wasn't my place to critize him.

I thank God everyday for him and our relationship.


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