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Finding a Life Coach Shortlist.

Have you felt that finding a life coach has been quite daunting? As has been notedhere, this is an area that is very new and young. As such, there is a lot of grey zone when looking for a life coach.

1. Why do you want a life coach?

Clarity is key. If you are fuzzy about your needs, chances are you will have a hard time communicating with your coach in a way that willallow them to work with you in the most effective way.

Have you ever had to see an attorney to get them to represent your case? Ever noticed they sort of just sit there and wait for you to talk? They don't lead you. If you are not clear about exactly what you want, it's usually a wasted consultation fee, right?

That first session with your coach should be looked at the same way. Many coaches will offer that fist session for free. Write down all of the questions. You have to help your coach help you.

2. Is life coaching your most ideal option?

Be clear that a good life coach will likely not coddle you or commiserate with you. Much like a sports trainer, your ideal life coach will be results orientedIf a coach is not results-oriented and will not let you off the hook.

3. Realistic expectations

Your ideal life coach will guide you and help bring out the best in you. Fortunately, you still get to do all the work. Which is great, because it helps give you a strong sense of self esteem.

4. What kind of a coach best suits your issue/issues?

What area are you struggling in or looking to take tothe next level? Is it your relationship(s)? Then you are better off finding a life coach that focuses on relationship coaching.

There are many people who do well in just about all areas of their lives but then find that they keep struggling with a specific issue. For example, you might be the kind of person that has your finances and primary relationships in great health, yet your personal health and well being is lagging way behind.

In this case, you may want to work with weight loss coach or wellness coach, as they will focus you in that specific area without being sidetracked.

5. Your teachability

The most successful clients are the ones that are teachable and will work with their coach, not against them.Since a lot of people are used to getting 'connection and love' through drama, they may find it disappointing that a great coach will not tolerate their drama.

However, the very idea of hiring a coach is to get you out of the mold of old belief systems that may have led you to an undesirable place.

6. Your Level of commitment

Since personal life coaching is not cheap, you will want to get into it knowing you are willing to commit to play full out and change your results that you have been getting. Mostly, when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and that means really sick and tired, then commitment to change is not much of an issue.

In finding a life coach, where do you look?

Because there seem to be tons and tons of them out there, it can be overwhelming for you to go about finding a life coach.
  • Word of mouth. Ask a friend or people you know and/or trust to recommend a coach if they ever tried one.

  • The International Coaching Federation is a life coaching organization that trains and maintains ethical coaching standards. That might be a good place to start looking.

  • Online forums dedicated to personal development -- go and ask for recommendations for a coach. Bear in mind though that when you ask the general public, you will get varied opinions. Beware that some people look at the life coaching industry from a controversial viewpoint.

    So be clear if you are asking for recommendation for a good coach, or for advice on whether or not you should hire a life coach.

  • Another great way to help you in finding a life coach is to go to established self improvement companies. Companies such as Jim Rohn International, Anthony Robbins, and others all offer life coaching.

  • Independent Solo-flying Coaches --don't discount coaches that have independent solo life coaching businesses. Many of them may have coached for big personal development companies before they set off on their own. Or not, but they could still be outstanding coaches. Use your judgment.

When all is said and done, when finding a life coach, be prepared to get into a serious commitment that could literally move your life to the next level.

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