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The definite connection between the Law of Attraction and the Current Financial Crisis

Is the current financial crisis caused by the Law of attraction?

The opportunity presented here is a challenge to use what you know about the Law of Attraction (LOA)to help you make sense of the current financial crisis....

One of the challenges of attempting to show people how they can use the LOA to their advantage, is to get them to separate the idea of blame versus responsibility.

What isn’t helpful either is that the dictionary itself muddles the two words. However, Responsibility is a proactive word, while blame is a bound to invoke defensiveness and perhaps even defiance.

Taking personal responsibility puts us in a powerful place, why blaming (ourselves or others) weakens us.

So, why is it important to understand how the Law of Attraction impacts the Financial Crisis?

A myriad of reasons.

Firstly, in just the short time that the tougher part of this financial crisis has been unraveling, there have been media reports of many of our own getting completely overwhelmed.

You probably remember the recent tragedy reported of a California former money manager that fatally shot his wife, 3 children and his mother-in-law before killing himself. Apparently, the shocking suicide note he left behind spelled out that financial troubles had caused him to do the “honorable thing” and off not just himself, but his entire family.

Then there is the 90 year old Ohio woman who shot and wounded herself as authorities were getting ready to evict her out of her American dream.

Although the extreme stories are few and maybe even over-dramatized by the media, there is more than a fair chance that fear and worry has gripped many of us.

Of course, the result of these kinds of helpless feelings, at the very least is increased stress. So the question then becomes: how can you use the Law of Attraction to make sense of the current financial crisis so as to help you stay focused and not give in to the drama?

Let’s look at a step by step approach.

  1. Understand that the law of attraction isn’t about punishment or blame.

    The LOA is impersonal. It just works. A good analogy to help you understand this.... Think of a ticking clock. If for example you are running late for work, you cannot implore the clock to stop ticking in order to favor you. It doesn’t matter if you got late because you had to help your neighbor who had a sick child. The clock keeps ticking. Similarly, once the Law of Attraction is in motion, which is all the time, it just works.

  2. Release the fear.

    The bad news? You must. Here is the good news, releasing fear is actually easier than most people realize.

    Quantum Physics tells us that “thought is energy”. The Law of attraction tells us that like attracts like.

    So the energy of fearful thoughts attracts more “things” of that same low energy. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s recognizing your fear and facing it head on. If you look at the times you had major breakthroughs in your life, you will probably realize that those were the times when you looked fear in the face and burst through it anyway.

    What are you afraid of? If you take the time to look your fear in the face, you will probably realize that it is based on things you have no control over. So if you have no control over something, fearing it helps you in what way exactly? Fear only serves to keep you paralyzed. Instead, take that negative energy of fear and channel it to create positive results for your life.

  3. The current Financial Crisis is an indicator of the current Individual Crisis. As tacky as this may sound, we are ONE. We are connected. If you fail to see the bigger lesson contained in the world financial meltdown, unfortunately, you will sadly miss the individual lesson as well.

    The energy you put out determines the energy that comes back to you. Why are we surprised when Wall Street is filled with greed and people taking advantage of "us", as if our individual lives were any better? What is with the mindless consumerism in our individual lives? Why have we allowed ourselves to be talked into buying the biggest and the baddest?

    The celebrated Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn once quipped, you know you are in trouble when you find yourself asking, how many colors does that come in?

    Is it possible that our material self is deeply out of sync with our highest purpose? This isn’t a statement of judgment, or a call to thriftiness. Far from that. And if it comes across that way, give me the benefit of doubt and treat it as a reflective statement.

  4. Refuse to be drawn into the doom and gloom talk. Many people have been saying that "but it's the reality!" The truth is, the reality is one second ago, the potent future starts now.

    The truth is that there are people who will come out of this crisis better than they were. They will use it to dig deep into their own personal beliefs and actions, and use the financial crisis as a challenge to change their lives.

There are people who will look for the opportunity that this financial crisis presents, and make full use of it. The question is, are you going to be one of those people? Or are you going to let the personal lessons pass you by while you engage in the inherent drama?

The choice, of course, is yours.

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