Every Problem can be solved through Creative Imagination

by Tope Omomo
(Ibadan, Nigeria)

If you can consistently harness the power of your own imagination, you can effectively solve every difficulty in your life.
I have discovered that life questions have their answers within themselves. It only takes creative imagination to dig them out. If we can take adequate time out to think up ideas we can really overcome all obstacles and achieve our life dreams. Surprising enough, only very few of us employ our inate ability to think when confronted with challenges; and the selected few are those who stand out as stars in their various fields of endeavour. The question now is: how do you solve a problem through imagination?
Just a couple of steps to follow:
1. Realize you are not empty. You possess the ability to think up ideas.
2. Write out your challenge/problem in a plain language most understandable to you. That is, describe in written form.
3. Identify all possible causes of the problem. This process may take you some hours/days. Just take your time to identify as many as possible.
4. Identify the ways in which the challenge/problem in question affects you. (For instance, mobility problem would make you arrive office late.)
5. Identify variables relevant to each effect of the problem. (E.G. Variables that are relevant to going late to the office may include your home location, the transportation route you choose, the time you set out in the morning for work, etc)
6. Make some changes as necessary. (E.G. you may relocate closer to your office or determine to set out earlier or change your trasportation route to beat some distance)

When you apply patience to your challenges, you can creative provide a victorious solution.
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