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An Attitude of Gratitude As A
Prosperity Resource

An attitude of gratitude. Seems simple, right? Yet many people seem to practice exactly the opposite of it.

Here's something you may not have considered: every time you complain (even silently in your head) you're practicing the opposite of thankfulness.

Gratitude is a word that you likely use without giving much thought.

Thank you!

You probably were raised with thankfulness conditioned in you as social etiquette that would make you look good.

But how does conscious gratitude look like, and how does it impact your life?

How does it feature in your quest for happiness, wealth, excellent health, fantastic relationships.... success?

In your self-improvement journey, you will be hard pressed to come across a success mentor that takes the idea of an attitude of gratitude lightly.

This is one of those concepts where teacher after personal development teacher will rave and rant that it is of paramount importance that we incorporate conscious gratitude into your personal growth practice.

So what does gratitude have to do with success?

Are you one of those people who have at one point said, "Yeah, if I had more money, sure, I'd be grateful". Or........(well, just replace money with whatever is usually lacking at the time that comment is made).

How is it possible to have an attitude of gratitude, even when you're down, depressed, just struggling?

In his fantastic audio program, Get The Edge, the well known Peak Performance guru, Tony Robbins puts emphasis on practicing gratefulness as an integral part of our daily personal time practice. Tony Robbins strongly suggests to spend at least 3 minutes everyday intensely focused on what we are grateful for.

    "Fill yourself up with this emotion (attitude of gratitude), it'll get rid of the fear, it'll get rid of the the stress, it'll make you so happy. I've met so many people that seemed to have everything, but they are so unfulfilled, they're fearful and they're stressed, cuz they are not grateful.

    And as I told you before, I've met so many people, who seemingly have nothing, but they are so happy, cuz they are grateful. When you are grateful, you are rich.

    When you are ungrateful, you are not appreciative, you are poor, you are stressed............"

~ extract from Tony Robbins - Get the Edge audio program

Achieving Goals

Contrary to what you might have been taught, feeling grateful is a conscious habit that requires practicing with a present mind.

You were probably conditioned to give lip service to gratitude with quick, courteous but shallow thank you's that carry no actual connection of a feeling of gratitude.

What I'm talking about however, in emphasizing the importance of practicing an attitude of gratitude as an abundance mentality, is to actually feel and be connected to the emotion of gratitude, on a deep core level.

Author Rhonda Byrne certainly emphasizes the use of gratitude as a powerful process of consciously working with The Law of Attraction.

    "With all that I have read and with all that I have experienced in my own life using The Secret, the power of gratitude stands above everything else. If you do one thing with the knowledge of The Secret, use gratitude until it becomes your way of life....

    It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are all negative emotions."

    ~ Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Having an attitude of gratitude creates such a feeling of absolute joy.

In every situation, no matter how bad things look, there is always something to be grateful for.

It could simply be the ability to breathe freely.

I am fully and completely filled with gratitude as a result of your financial support for the continued growth of this free information website.

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