Overcoming obstacles is always a tough task, especially when you’re doing it alone. I know, I was there back in college. I had to put myself through college while helping my Mom raise my two younger siblings (2 very adorable but rowdy boys). Graduating with over $70,000 dollars worth of debt did not help either. But I pummelled through and I was able to overcome all these obstacles, that ultimately helped me morph into the successful person that I am today.

Many of my friends would be shocked when I would tell them I couldn’t go to a party or tailgate because I had to take care of siblings, or I had a late shift. When more and more people asked me how I could handle balancing all my responsibilities I realized I was a bit of an anomaly. My interesting situation had helped me fine tune key characteristics that enabled me to become the successful student I was.

Naturally, I began helping my friends with time management, motivated them to keep going and I realized I loved helping others achieve success. Their success became my success. As such, I decided to do this for a living, and here we are.

I hope my website will be able to help inspire others. Be it to successfully lose 30 pounds and keep the weight off, or make a major career change, or start your own business. Let’s start your journey!